Standard Emergency Control Unit for LED LV lamps.

The GPX LED range of emergency control units are specifically designed for low voltage LED lamps. The unit is designed to produce 100% Light output when in emergency mode.    The units comply with BS EN 60598‐2‐22, BS EN 60924 and SABS 1464: Part 22.  Either maintained or non‐maintained mode can be used.    A safety start circuit is provided that prevents emergency operation until mains is connected. This enables installation without disconnecting or depleting the batteries.   A red LED indicates that the battery is being charged and that power (220Vac) has been applied. The unit is housed in a small PVC enclosure which is extremely light weight. The unit is protected from any high excess input voltage that may occur naturally or unintentionally by accidently connecting the unit to the incorrect mains supply voltage. The emergency light output is sufficient to satisfy most escape route and anti‐panic area lighting requirements.    The unit can be used with conventional dimming circuits. All units are designed, developed and manufactured in South Africa. Note 1:  The emergency lighting duration and light output may vary due to ambient temperature, cell type and lamp manufacturer. Note 2:   The unit may be provided for operation from 110 Vac.

Performance of the units with various lamps











12V 3W 100% 350mA 10 x 1A Ni Cad ± 3 hours
12V 5W 100% 500mA 10 x 1A Ni Cad ± 2 hours
12V 6W 100% 700mA 10 x 1A Ni Cad > 1 hour
24V 15W 100% 700mA 16 x 2.1A Ni Cad > 2 hours
Note: Due to the variance of the new LED technology there may be many more different configurations not catered for by the above table. The GPX    LED unit may be configured for most arising needs but will be tailor manufactured on request.


Mains voltage tolerance 230Vac +/‐ 10% 50 Hz
Lamp types From 3W to 24W LED lamps
Emergency lighting duration From 1 to 10hours
Mains power consumption 2VA
Battery discharge current From300mA to 1.5A
Deep discharge protection > 0.8V/cell
Charging current 50, 100, 200 mA
Charge/power indication Red LED
Quiescent current > 1 µA
Dimensions (L x W x H): 115 x 41 x 23mm
Battery: 5 to 20 Cell Ni‐Cd
Weight: 230g
Maximum operating temperature +70o C

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