Just Batteries develops novel step-up voltage supply solution


Just Batteries recently completed development of a device capable of supplying a voltage up to 28 V from a battery pack as low as 2,7 V. The company says the Voltzup2000 allows for a dramatic reduction in energy loss.

A typical example of this energy loss is best understood if one considers that all design engineers have to select from the limited amount of voltages available from the various cell chemistries on the market. Should a circuit require a 5 V supply, an engineer would typically have to select a 7,4 V battery. This excess voltage results in lost energy which can only be eliminated through heat, which is generated by the voltage regulation function of a typical circuit.

The Voltzup2000 system allows Just Batteries to reduce this energy loss to a mere 3 – 5%. The device is a compact unit which can be comfortably fitted onto a single cell or into a battery pack.

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