Saft Li-Ion

Saft, your partner for reliable, intelligent, eco-designed rechargeable battery systems.

Why choose Saft Rechargeable Battery Systems?

Saft is a world leader in highquality rechargeable batteries

With 80 years of work in this field, our expertise and experience in designing, developing and manufacturing robust and reliable cells and battery systems are unequaled.

Saft is focused on professionals

Our work today is entirely dedicated to delivering products and solutions conceived for professional applications and adapted to the unique needs of a wide variety of users.

Saft is your partner, not just your supplier

If one of our standard offers doesn’t suit your needs, we will work with you to conceive, design and produce a customized solution that does. We can combine our strengths to work closely with your teams to create and build a battery system custom made for your unique requirements, and designed to cost.

Saft is close to you

In an industry where most manufacturing and assembly is done manually in the Far East, Saft is the only industrial company to remain located in Europe, with state-of-the-art, fully automated factories in Nersac, Poitiers and Bordeaux, France. Saft also has battery assembly facilities in the United States, China and many other countries. Saft’s worldwide network means faster delivery times and a highly competitive cost/quality ratio.

Saft does it all

Saft conceives, designs, produces and delivers products. By controlling and supervising the entire end-to-end value chain, we are able to keep a very close watch on quality. Furthermore, the ever-increasing demand for higher-power and higher-energy battery solutions drives us to continuously and heavily invest in research and development. We are always looking for new and better ways to meet your needs.

Saft batteries are intelligent

Choosing Saft means getting more than just batteries. We provide you with a highly advanced and innovative battery system. The technological expertise inside each makes for an intelligent turnkey solution that communicates with other applications, controls its charge and discharge and understands what needs to be done … so you don’t have to.

Saft is serious about the environment

An industry pioneer in eco-designed products, Saft is working hard to build batteries that meet the goals of sustainable development. Rechargeable batteries are by design kind to the environment, since they can be used many times before needing to be disposed. But when such batteries have finally given their best, Saft works through several national collection and recycling organizations (RBRC in the US, SCRELEC in France, and others in various European countries) to offer a collection and treatment service. In addition, Saft factories adhere strictly to environmental regulations concerning air, water, ground and solid waste standards.


The right battery for all of your needs

Saft’s complete offer includes standard as well as customized battery systems built with Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel MetalHydride and Lithium-ion technologies, all using Saft’s intelligent engineering design and state-of-the-art battery management solutions. Whatever your application, whatever your specifications, whatever your need, there is a Saft battery that fits.

Saft batteries can be found in…

Buildings and industrial plants

Alarms, UPS, back-up systems and more.

Emergency and security systems

Exit signs, emergency fixtures, conversion kits, alarms and more.

Personal mobility

E-bikes, e-scooters, underwater scooters, electrical wheelchairs, lift systems for disabled persons and other personal electric vehicles.

Professional tools

Construction, agriculture, gardening and many other professional tools.

Professional electronics

Vacuum cleaners, personal care equipment, hand held terminals, audio and video equipment, flashlights, diving and mine lamps and more


Drug dispensers, cardiac defibrillators, respirators, homecare ventilators, medical carts, monitoring and diagnosis equipment and more.

Military and defense

Robots, portable radio communication equipment and more.


Signaling, UPS, back-up systems and more.


Cellular and cordless phones, personal communication systems, private mobile radios, back-up systems for telecom networks and more


STANDARD VR and VRE series

Originally engineered for use in cycling, Saft’s Standard Series can be used for a wide range of applications. The VRE Series is particularly well adapted for cycling applications requiring a rapid charge. Both our VR and VRE Standard Series’ high levels of reliability have been time-tested and proven: hundreds of millions of units have been delivered over the years. They offer an excellent cost/performance ratio.



The solutions in these series are perfectly suited to emergency and security equipment in compliance with International (IEC 61951), US (UL 924) and Japanese (JISC 8705) standards. These batteries have been designed to accept a permanent charge (C/20 to C/15) for a minimum of four years in high-temperature environments (up to 40°C/104°F) . Higher-end versions of the cells, such as “U” and “70” models, can even withstand a constant temperature of up to 55°C/131°F with a similar life expectancy when permanently charged. The new VNT series benefits from innovative PNE (Plastic-bonded Nickel Electrode) technology, a new positive electrode, offering improved energy density



Saft’s VE Series benefits from significant technological upgrades. For example, this series shows a 10% to 15% capacity improvement, and yet its high performance levels are maintained. Saft’s VSE Series uses advanced nickel foam electrode technology, meeting the needs of light and compact portable equipment with both a fast charge and higher capacity.



Super High Energy and High Energy Back-Up VH and VHT Series

Designed for high energy, high power portable applications demanding fast charges and discharges over an extended lifetime, Saft’s line of Ni-MH VH cylindrical cells benefit from all of our technological expertise. The VH Cs, VH D and VH F Series are specifically designed for cordless power tools, personal mobility and other professional applications. The VHT Series has been engineered to accept a permanent charge at high temperatures, such as in emergency back-up applications.

Button range – HB Series

HB nickel metal-hydride button cells have been designed to provide a permanent charge to supply back-up memory for professional applications. Assembly has been engineered to facilitate insertion into integrated circuits.


Smart VH module

The Smart VH module benefits from Saft’s latest improvements regarding cells, housing, connections and electronic devices, ensuring safety, cycle and calendar life, reliability and cost control. The technological advancement of the Smart VH modules allows several batteries to be used in parallel for increased capacity, to communicate with an application and to deliver high current (25 A or 50 A versions) . Specially designed for personal mobility applications, they have a long life, high reliability and require zero maintenance. The Smart VH module is also suitable for all applications requiring power and autonomy

Li-ion range

MP / VL series

As part of its ongoing commitment to advanced technology systems, Saft offers a range of powerful rechargeable lithium-ion systems. With their greater energy density, lower weight and longer life, lithium-ion systems represent a real breakthrough, answering new needs and opening up new applications. Lithium-ion systems are fully integrated, innovative, intelligent and safe. Li-ion technology must be accurately managed in operation, as it does not allow for overcharge, over-discharge or overcurrent. Saft Li-ion systems include both cells and electronic protection circuit boards for these reasons.


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