Understanding Li-SOCL2 primary battery technology

As many engineers will know, the battery industry has not yet achieved the perfect battery (or rather, cell) technology.

In almost every choice there is always a compromise to be made when selecting the chemistry which best suits a specific application.

I receive a number of calls on a daily basis by design engineers who are selecting a technology for their product and more often than not a very important factor gets overlooked. In this article I hope to provide some basic fundamentals to keep in mind when considering a Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCL2) cell or battery for a specific application.

It is my experience that, generally speaking, a higher capacity cell is most commonly sought after. Herein lies a common mistake that is made when briefly studying a potential product’s specification sheet. This mistake occurs when the current delivery ability of the cell is over-looked, often as a result of the excitement involved when finding a potential solution. To gain a better insight into this I would like to explain some basic principles about Lithium-thionyl chloride technology.

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